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The Met Shoot

Eric Langlay and I surrounded by treasure

Eric Langlay and I surrounded by treasure

After months of discussion, we finally shot a video at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City.  Everyone that works there was incredibly gracious, helpful and enthusiastic. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Stay tuned!

The Line Between People And Pets

The latest installment in my Human series takes a look at the history of pets, our relationship with animals and the dog/human partnership. Along the way, we learn how the cuteness of babies has altered dog breeds as well as cartoon characters.

This video includes collaborations with the incredible BBC Earth and the absurdly talented duo Rhett & Link.

Special thanks to contributions by illustrator Ian Gibson, graphics wizard Eric Langlay, audio master Jay Pellizzi and wordsmith Matthew Tabor.

Deadpool Premiere

Sitting on Ryan Reynold’s lap sitting on Deadpool’s lap

Last night Vsauce hosted a bi-coastal exclusive premiere for the new Deadpool movie. Michael and Jake hosted an event in Los Angeles while I hosted one in NYC.   The ludicrously nice and funny Ryan Reynolds made a surprise appearance at the NYC event.

The turnout was awesome – the fans were literally screaming when Ryan showed up and everyone absolutely loved the movie (because it’s really really good). I had a great time and I’d like to thank 20th Century Fox for putting the event together.


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