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Mind Blow 100

Mind Blow has reached an awesome milestone – one hundred episodes. This is the series I was first hired to make exclusively for Vsauce over five years ago. I’m very proud of the longevity and thankful to all the fans who have stuck with the show all this time.

Mind Blow 100 is a bit of a retrospective – showing the progression of the show itself while also checking in on some old stories to see how they’ve developed.

Here’s to the next 100 episodes!

A Brief History Of Recording Ourselves

I’d become increasingly obsessed with how recently we’ve become accustomed to recording everything about ourselves and broadcasting it online. This video takes a closer look at the history of humans recording themselves.

Special thanks to Chris from ZanzibarLand for 3D printing the Vsauce cylinder seal.  We’re always looking for creative new ways to display our outro Vsauce graphic and I’m so happy with this one.

Enjoy the video!

White House

Eisenhower creeping up

Eisenhower creeping up

I was invited to The White House to learn about climate change and specifically – Defend Our Future.  The day was capped off with an inspiring round table discussion involving various student leaders and University Presidents – led by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

As someone who tends to think Life and The Earth are good – it was a great event to attend and I hope it’s the beginning of a meaningful push toward sustainability.

ExpandED Schools

Soledad O'Brien, Myself, Matthew Tabor, Dale Russakoff

Soledad O’Brien, Myself, Matthew Tabor, Dale Russakoff

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of being a panelist in the first ever ExpandED Salon. ExpandEd Schools is a brilliant organization dedicated to closing the learning gap in low-income schools.

The panel was hosted by Soledad O’Brien and my fellow panelists included EducationNews.org Editor In Chief Matthew Tabor and author Dale Russakoff. Her landmark education book – The Prize – details the squandering of a $100 million dollar donation from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Newark, NJ schools.

It was an overwhelmingly positive evening and I may or may not have convinced Soledad to institute a Sunday night, “Spaghetti and Vsauce” tradition for her family. 😉


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