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Leading tens of millions of people into wormholes of wonder.
Kevin weaves together science, technology, psychology, philosophy and history to explain the complexities of the human experience in mind-feeding videos that have been watched over half a billion times.


Kevin hosts and produces Vsauce2, part of the most popular education network on YouTube. Vsauce’s videos have been viewed over 2 billion times and won both the 2016 Webby for Best Science & Education Channel and the People’s Choice award three years in a row.

Kevin with Bill Nye

photograph of Kevin Lieber
Nerdy Nummies With Rosanna Pansino
Interviewed by Phil DeFranco
YouTube Pro Series Featured Creator
Hosting Deadpool Premiere with Ryan Reynolds
Terminator Campaign with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bill Nye Collaboration


Kevin has helped some of the most influential brands and organizations in the world craft in-depth, evergreen content that leaves a powerful impression on viewers. From tech powerhouses like Google and Sony to culture-defining institutions like Sesame Street and National Geographic, Kevin harnesses humanity’s collective knowledge and distills it into wildly entertaining and attention-clutching videos.
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open quoteevery time i watch vsauce videos i feel like i learnt something from field of science, witnessed an art, listened to a music composition and most importantly felt something emotionally all at the same time… wierd, confusing, exciting, scared… to say my brain exploded is to say nothingclose quote
open quoteI felt awake and alive…until the video was over…I wish i could forget, and watch it againclose quote
open quoteAs a music education major I love seeing videos that tell the importance of music. This is one of the videos that I will show to my students.close quote
open quoteFrom the Vsauce channels i like Kevin’s the most. His videos are mature and interesting, and I like the way he explains stuff.close quote
open quoteGoddamn kevin, watching your videos is like traveling through dimensions, the atmosphere they create is phenomenal.close quote
open quoteyour narrating is astonishingly beautiful.close quote
open quoteOne of the best videos i’ve watched this year, goosebumps through the whole thing. Nice work Vsauce2.close quote