Creator, host and speaker.

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After making hundreds of YouTube videos, Kevin partnered with Vsauce creator Michael Stevens in 2010. Kevin’s dedication to creating the best content and engaging the broadest audiences led him to be Vsauce’s first full-time hire in 2011.

Since then Vsauce has erupted into the award-winning online education network that it is today. Kevin helped pioneer the new landscape of web-based educational videos by developing formats that deliver information in fresh and memorable ways.

Photo of Kevin Lieber


Kevin has spoken for the YouTube Pro Series on creating a brand on YouTube and appeared at New York Comic Con to discuss the future of online education. He hosted a panel for XPRIZE’s LOOP, a series of public events to develop local partnerships and to encourage curiosity in scientific and technological breakthroughs, and hosted the Deadpool Premiere with Ryan Reynolds.

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Kevin has been featured by YouTube as a model for channel curation, identity, and branding to help the site’s global network of content producers engage audiences and grow their channels.

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YouTube harnessed Kevin’s expertise on collaboration and networking to help its community of over 1 million creators build relationships (Get viewers: Find the audience), and YouTube has used his best practices for augmenting the viewer experience (Become a trendsetter) to guide creators in fostering audience engagement.

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open quoteThat ending gave me chills…chills the knowledge.close quote


open quoteI learn more from Vsauce in one video than i do in a months worth of science lessons.close quote

The Unknown

open quoteOne of the most informative and necessary videos I have seen, good job Vsauce2.close quote


open quoteOne hell of a video. Perfect balance of philosophy, science, biology and such a powerful anecdote. Loving your content recently dude.close quote

Francisco Ferraris

open quoteI got so many chills from this video. Thanks so much Kevin! After all these years, I still don’t skip a single one of your videos!close quote

joakim olofsson

open quoteall the hearts to you kevin <3 your content is amazingclose quote


open quoteThere it is. The best thing I’ve seen this year. Thank you.close quote



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