Who Kevin has worked with.

photograph of Kevin Lieber

Kevin synthesizes broad topics into approachable, nutritional bites.

Topics that draw on a client’s past and present to make an enduring statement for the future. Whether it’s filming at a Mars Simulator on a Volcano in Hawaii for National Geographic or building a blanket fort for Sesame Studios, Kevin crafts content that raises the bar for the audience and over-delivers for the brand.


Hyper History, Google Arts and Culture
What is Junk Science?, International Food and Information Council
The Line Between People and Pets
Recording Ourselves, YouTube Space New York
Blanket Fort Memory Game, Sesame Studios
Why Do You Collect?, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Chronesthesia, Sony/NBC Timeless
Be a T.Rex in Virtual Reality, Google VR
Mixed Media Short Film, Field Day
Logos - Google, BBC, Sesame Street, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Geographic, YouTube and Sony

Bleakly Divine

open quoteAmazing video Kevin, I’m of the toughest of nails when it comes to connecting to a video, and you did it just perfectly right around the end.close quote

Lennon Bensaou

open quoteFrom the bottom of my heart, Thank You Kevin and the Vsauce crew 🙂close quote

Jah Wizzle

open quotethanks vsauce, you remind me of why it is important to keep hope, and share love, and sing my song!close quote


open quoteKevin, thank you for this masterpiece.close quote

Mellow Fellow

open quoteNot gonna lie the ending made me tear up a little. I can very much relate to music giving me hope when i am alone and feel desperate. Thanks for this incredible video Kevin! 🙂close quote



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