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Thought Glass Fashion

The latest episode of Thought Glass tackles some interesting fashion origins including high heels and the necktie. While researching this topic I read a lot about hats. Turns out hat history is muddled and not super interesting.

Although, I did read one legend of the first guy to wear a Top Hat in public got arrested for causing a disturbance. Not sure if that really happened, though.

If you want to see something incredible check out the behind the scenes animation time lapse created by motion graphics master Eric Langlay.

It will blow your mind.

School Of YouTube

This episode of Thought Glass focusing on Five Back To School Facts was created as part of Comic Relief’s School of YouTube campaign. Dozens of top YouTube creators were asked to make a video teaching something and then give a call to action to donate toward underprivileged children in need of education.

It was an honor to be involved in such a good cause and hopefully they greatly surpass their goal.  Special thanks to Matthew K. Tabor for his education expertise in writing this episode.

Here’s the link to donate.

Medical Thought Glass

The latest episode of Thought Glass tackles a subject I’ve always been fascinated by – ancient medical practices. It’s incredible to acknowledge how much of our understanding of medicine has been formulated in roughly the past one hundred years.  For thousands of years humans were drilling holes in their heads, draining their blood and routinely evacuating their insides.

As usual Eric Langlay did an incredible job with the motion graphics and I’m also very happy with the video/audio quality acheived by Man With A Cam.

There’s a ludicrously quick turnaround on this show as I’m shooting another episode on Saturday. Such is the Vsauce life! Enjoy the video!