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The YouTube Space NY asked if I had interest in using their awesome secret lair sci-fi set and I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve always been interested in cyborgs and coupling that topic with this set was a perfect match.

The binary title was an idea I had a couple of weeks before upload to help the video stand out.


New Style For Thought Glass

The latest episode of Thought Glass features full screen 2D animation by Lulu Jiang and a professional sound design by Jay Pellizzi of HotHead.

I’m always trying to improve my shows and going full screen with the animations is important for a couple of reasons. Since more than half of my audience watch these videos on a mobile device – the visuals need to be large. Also, the information in Thought Glass is always extremely dense and full-screen visuals help smooth along the knowledge intake.

I hope you enjoy!

Christmas Thought Glass

One of the most interesting things I learned during my research on Christmas origins had to do with ancient peoples throwing Winter Solstice parties to prove to evil spirits that humans were united against them. Seriously…human existence must have been extremely scary and mysterious 3,000 years ago.

Make sure you check out the behind the scenes on how the incredible Eric Langlay makes Thought Glass animations.