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Philippe Cousteau, William Pomerantz, Kevin Lieber, Leo Camacho

Philippe Cousteau, William Pomerantz, Kevin Lieber, Leo Camacho


On Tuesday I had the honor of hosting a panel for XPRIZELOOP – a new division of XPRIZE looking for members to keep up to date with their latest happenings.

The panel featured William Pomerantz of Virgin Galactic who is working on privatizing space travel, Philippe Cousteau of EarthEcho and grandson of Jacques Cousteau who does incredible work regarding ocean health and awareness, and Leo Camacho from Google Lunar XPRIZE.

I was able to get a nice Vsauce plug in when an audience member asked what challenges we face in educating the youth in the values of science. I also snuck in a decent Super Mario Bros joke when someone asked if XPRIZE was interested in studying the mushroom kingdom.

XPrize loves Vsauce – they are literally fans of our videos – which is tremendously flattering and humbling.  Hopefully we can work together in the future. William also invited us to the Mojave to check out what they’re working on which would be incredible.

This was a great event for Vsauce2 to be a part of and I’m looking forward to working with these incredible organizations to help push the boundaries and awareness of science and technology.