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Pentagram Vsauce Rebrand

Pentagram Vsauce Rebrand

We worked with world-class design studio Pentagram to rebrand Vsauce and they recently did a wonderful writeup summarizing the project.

When we initially set out to finding a company to work with – I was adamant about finding people who I felt had a level of expertise that allowed us to learn about branding, design and identity. Pentagram filled that need and then some.

The new design is a brand skeleton which allows us to seamlessly bring Vsauce to projects across and outside of YouTube whether it’s merchandise, other video platforms or social media accounts. Natasha Jen was a pleasure to work with and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.

Wired also did an article discussing the “growing up” of a YouTube brand as witnessed through this rebranding.

Very proud of this work. Hope you love it – thanks!