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Makeup by Stan Winston School

Makeup by Stan Winston School


YouTube Space LA  held a Scream Lab for Halloween 2013 featuring makeup by legendary Hollywood artists from the Stan Winston School. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the “hero” zombie – which meant I was given the most detailed makeup – requiring nearly two hours in the chair.

The event was picked up by Mashable and when my makeup was complete I made cameos in several videos including sketch comedy from Third String Kicker and a vlog parody by Michelle Glavan. The entire zombie day was recapped in a video by Stan Winston School.

The makeup featured several prosthetics, fake teeth and a pretty gross blood mouth rinse. Matt Winston actually mentioned having watched Vsauce2 with his son which was beyond exciting to me.

The amount of incredible special effects that have come from the Winston family from Aliens to Terminator have helped inspire my imagination beyond measure.

P.S. – My mom HATES this picture of me. Sorry mom!