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White House

Eisenhower creeping up

Eisenhower creeping up

I was invited to The White House to learn about climate change and specifically – Defend Our Future.  The day was capped off with an inspiring round table discussion involving various student leaders and University Presidents – led by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

As someone who tends to think Life and The Earth are good – it was a great event to attend and I hope it’s the beginning of a meaningful push toward sustainability.

ExpandED Schools

Soledad O'Brien, Myself, Matthew Tabor, Dale Russakoff

Soledad O’Brien, Myself, Matthew Tabor, Dale Russakoff

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of being a panelist in the first ever ExpandED Salon. ExpandEd Schools is a brilliant organization dedicated to closing the learning gap in low-income schools.

The panel was hosted by Soledad O’Brien and my fellow panelists included Editor In Chief Matthew Tabor and author Dale Russakoff. Her landmark education book – The Prize – details the squandering of a $100 million dollar donation from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Newark, NJ schools.

It was an overwhelmingly positive evening and I may or may not have convinced Soledad to institute a Sunday night, “Spaghetti and Vsauce” tradition for her family. 😉