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YouTube Complaints 2015 Cameo

Each year, Barely Productions puts together a light-hearted parody of all the common complaints about YouTube. It’s typically featured during YouTube’s keynote at VidCon which just goes to show what a great sense of humor YouTube has about its criticisms.

I was asked to be a part of this year’s video and was happy to be involved. You can see my cameo at 0:46 doing my best to seem angry about being recommended videos I’ve already seen.


Vsauce At VidCon 2015

Michael, Jake and I take a super selfie with our fans!

Michael, Jake and I take a super selfie with our fans!

I’m back from another great VidCon filled with fan meetups, old friends and amazing conversations. We had a fantastic Vsauce Q&A session with fans and industry members that proved how thoughtful and insightful our fans are.

I was honored to be on a panel called Blending Entertainment & Education alongside Destin from SmarterEveryday, Sarah Urist Green from TheArtAssignment, Jessi Castaneda from Animal Wonders, Paul Andersen from BozemanScience, and hosted by Mike Rugnetta from PBSIdeaChannel.

We also did a mentorship session with four up and coming YouTubers. And the picture above was taken during our official meet and greet session with fans (we also did an unofficial meetup for fans that couldn’t get into this one).

Overall it was a great event. It’s been a great year for Vsauce and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.